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Both aesthetically and technically, the Song dynasty (AD 960-1279) was the golden age of Chinese culture and especially of high-fired ceramics. During this age these arts reached their zenith with no equal in the entire history of China. All techniques attained a high degree of refinement and new kilns appeared everywhere. Extremely elegant pieces suffused with a supreme artistic sensibility were made throughout the land. In contrast to Tang period (AD 618-907), with its cosmopolitan foreign influences, the Song period focused on a culture proper to the Han people, deepening it to an extent which had never been hitherto achieved. Tang sansai ceramics presented a colourful and attractive exterior but were spiritually confined and meant to be buried in aristocratic tombs, while Song ceramics in general were not colourful but were much freer, simple and show more a deeper inner life. Such pieces did not, of course, simply appear overnight. In order to produce desirable wares, the Song potters continued to develop the technology of the Shang dynasty (BC 1600-1100) and devise new methods, creating elegant wares in response to the critical eye of their patrons. A plain and unadorned surface reflected the Song pursuit of simple literary elegance. Their aesthetic was directly inspired by nature. Nature was regarded as the ideal beauty at that time.
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219 A Purple-Splashed Junyao Dish
Jin(1115-1234) Jun ware
D:18.8 cm
135 A Temmoku Tea Ware
Southern Song(1127-1279) Jizhou ware
H:6.4 cm M.D:12.8 cm Base.D:3.1 cm
200 A Large Painted Bowl with Carp Decoration
Northern Song(960-1127)
H:11.5 cm M.D:42.5 cm
117 A White-Glazed Bowl with Incised Decoration
Jin(1115-1234) Cizhou ware
H:10.2 cm M.D:22.3 cm
213 A Tiger-Shaped Pillow
Jin(1115-1234) Cizhou
H:8.5 cm L:32.2 cm W:15.2 cm
126 A Rectangular Pillow
Jin(1115-1234) Cizhou
H:10.5 cm L:32.3 cm W:16.5 cm
11 A Three-Colour Glazed Pillow
Jin(1115-1234) Cizhou
H:9.1 cm L:26.5 cm W:12.7 cm
12 A Three-Colour Glazed Pillow
Jin(1115-1234) Cizhou
L:18.2 cm
142 A Celadon-Glazed Bowl
Northern Song(960-1127) Yaozhou ware
H:5.9 cm D:12.7 cm Base.D3.6 cm
139 A Jar with Black Sgraffiato Decoration of Dragon on White Ground
Song (960-1279) Cizhou
H:24.9 cm Body.D:26.3 cm M.D:14.8 cm Base.D:11.8 cm
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