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Welcome to the China Art Co., LTD.'s online antique gallery dealing exclusively in Chinese Antiques. Our selection on the Web site encompasses all the Chinese Periods, from the Pre-history Periods, with Bronze, Pottery and Tang, Liao Period's Ceramics, to those of the Song, Jin Period's ceramics, Yuan, Ming and Qing Period's porcelains, and Inkstones. Our selection also covers The Sacred Art of Tibet.
China Art LTD provides invaluable information and explanations of technical terms for helping collector's understanding of Chinese art in the Glossary. We also service evaluation with realistic view of the current value of your property. For detail, go to our Enquiry. Whether you are a serious collector or just someone with an appreciation for exquisite works of art, we are sure you will find something of interest here.
Should you have any questions about Price, and how to Purchase items from our collection, please quote item number, send us a question by E-mail or using our Enquiry Service.
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